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The quality of carpet padding will have a dramatic effect on how well your carpet feels and how long it will last. Whether installing new carpet in a residential home or a commercial building, industry professionals know their customer will only be happy if a quality underlay is chosen. Our carpet underlay is better for a reason. Flex Foam is one of the only manufacturers using a horizontal log mold instead of a vertical mold for bonded urethane. This method reduces density variation ensuring our customers a more consistent feeling carpet.

Our log and peel method also utilizes precision cutting equipment to ensure accurate gauges with no "thick and thins".

Please call us for specific product requirements. We manufacture Prime and Bonded Urethane carpet cushion in a variety of densities. We also supply fiber cushion often used in commercial applications as well as wood and laminate underlay. Call us at (602)252-5819 or (800)266-FOAM or select the link at the bottom of this page

Product Name Type of Pad Density FHA Roll Size Color Film Color Product Features
Level OneRebond3.5No40 Yard RollNeutralClear 
BlackjackRebond6-nominalYes30 Yard RollBlackBlack 
HavasuRebond6Yes30 Yard RollRedClear 
Flex 600Rebond6Yes30 Yard RollBlueClear 
Firm StepRebond6.5Yes30 Yard RollGreenClear 
PinnacleRebond7Yes30 Yard RollBlueClear 
Super ComfortRebond7.5Yes30 Yard RollBlackClear 
8 IronRebond8Yes30 Yard RollBlueClear 
Comm. SlabRebond8.5Yes40 Yard RollBlackClear 
UltimaRebond9Yes30 Yard RollGreenClear 
ForestRebond6Yes30 Yard RollRedBlueAnti-microbial
PineRebond8Yes30 Yard RollBlueBlueAnti-microbial

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